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Are you a developer working with maps, navigation and location-based technologies? Join us and other experienced professionals at ‘Map Solutions’ conference to share best practices and discuss what’s trending now in routing, traffic services, 3D rendering and in-house navigation. Last year we were welcoming experts like HERE, Yandex, CartoDB, MAPS.ME, OsmAnd, who were delivering their presentations at Ukraine’s first annual event exclusively dedicated to navigation services development. 200+ participants are expected to attend Map Solutions conference on June 3 in Lviv.

Our speakers

Andrey Golovin

MapboxMapbox - building blocks for location integration into your mobile or online application

Andrey Golovin

OpenStreetMap expert, Mapbox


Andrey is an OpenStreetMap expert at Mapbox. He works on data team to continuously improve maps based on customer feedback and algorithmic error detection. Andrey is a seasoned OpenStreetMap expert with many years of experience and he is actively involved in the mapping community in his hometown in Ukraine and beyond.

Ilya Zverev

MAPS.MEEvery road and every stop: how to use OpenStreetMap data properly

Ilya Zverev

OpenStreetMap Expert, MAPS.ME


Ilya is an active member of OpenStreetMap project since 2010 and tried almost everything: drawing maps, proposing tagging schemas, organizing mapping parties and conferences, writing editors, plugins, monitoring services, and data processing tools. Since 2015 he works at MAPS.ME, the most popular OSM-based navigation app, helping it to make the best use of the OpenStreetMap data.

Peter Siniakov

HereHere Open Location Platform - next generation of location services

Peter Siniakov



I was born in Moscow 1978, moved to Germany at the age of 15, graduated from Computer Science department of Indiana University with MSc 2002 and got a PhD in Computer Science at Free University of Berlin 2008, worked for think-call GmbH as software developer and joined Nokia 2010 that later transformed to Here as senior and later principal software developer and team leader. I am an expert in natural language processing (information extraction from natural language texts), digital map technology and geo-location services.

Darafei Praliaskouski

JunoSelf mapping maps in 2017

Darafei  Praliaskouski

GIS Engineer, Juno, Minsk


Darafei participates in the OpenStreetMap project since 2008 and is member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.
Engaged in rendering, participated in the development of MapCSS – one of the main languages for describing the styles of OpenStreetMap, as well as several of its implementations, used in MAPS.ME and
Developed solutions for geolocation using wireless networks. 
Created the generator of administrative division in an alternative reality for the project “Global Map 2.0” in Wargaming.
Contributed to PostGIS development, providing fixes for robustness issues.
Now works as a GIS Engineer in Juno.

what to expect


In 2015 we held country’s first navigation and location-based services event in Lviv, last year we held event in Kyiv. Ever since we are working towards building a community of map developers in Ukraine and creating a platform, where they could share their experiences, connect with each other and learn from renowned industry experts from all around the world. Experience this pioneering spirit with us and contribute to building a vibrant map development community in Ukraine.

Great selection of topics

Different domains, platforms, approaches, inputs of industry players and research institutions – all this contributes to an engaging list of topics (and your unparalleled experience). We will talk about routing, navigation, traffic & public transit services, 3D rendering, geocoding and much more. Some of the highlights for you to enjoy include navigation solutions in automotive industry and for mobile platforms.


We know that conferences are not only about tech talks, but also about atmosphere and environment. Therefore we want to make it all work for you, be it assistance with travel arrangements, arranged lunches and coffee breaks or sightseeing programs and afterparties. We also know how important networking and making new connections are, so we will take care of that too.

Wonderful location

This year we selected Lviv again, Ukraine’s IT-capital to host Map Solution conference. The reason behind was not only its vast technical talent and entrepreneurial spirit, but also an excellent infrastructure. Join us and explore what this Eastern European hidden gem has to offer.


Intellias is an IT outsourcing company with a nearshore software development centres in Lviv, Kyiv, and Odesa (Ukraine). It has been successful for years in German-speaking Europe and recently in Benelux, United States and Canada. KPMG highlighted Intellias as one of the leading IT-BPO providers in Lviv, also the company was awarded the status of Lviv’s best IT employer in 2010, 2011, 2014 (DOU).

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