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Peter Caron
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Darafei Praliaskouski
Darafei  Praliaskouski GIS Engineer, Juno, Minsk Biography Darafei participates in the OpenStreetMap project since 2008 and is member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation. Engaged in rendering, participated in the development of MapCSS - one of the main languages for describing the styles of OpenStreetMap, as well as several of its implementations, used in MAPS.ME and
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Peter Siniakov
Peter Siniakov Here Biography I was born in Moscow 1978, moved to Germany at the age of 15, graduated from Computer Science department of Indiana University with MSc 2002 and got a PhD in Computer Science at Free University of Berlin 2008, worked for think-call GmbH as software developer and joined Nokia 2010 that later...
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Thomas Weidner
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Luke Elmers
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Brandon Brown
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Ilya Zverev
Ilya Zverev OpenStreetMap Expert, MAPS.ME Biography Ilya is an active member of OpenStreetMap project since 2010 and tried almost everything: drawing maps, proposing tagging schemas, organizing mapping parties and conferences, writing editors, plugins, monitoring services, and data processing tools. Since 2015 he works at MAPS.ME, the most popular OSM-based navigation app, helping it to make...
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Andrey Golovin at Map Solution Conference 2017
Andrey Golovin
Andrey Golovin OpenStreetMap expert, Mapbox Biography Andrey is an OpenStreetMap expert at Mapbox. He works on data team to continuously improve maps based on customer feedback and algorithmic error detection. Andrey is a seasoned OpenStreetMap expert with many years of experience and he is actively involved in the mapping community in his hometown in Ukraine...
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Vladislav Ivanov
Vladislav Ivanov Android developer, QROK GmbH Biography Vladislav is a creator of one of the first implementation of indoor positioning technologies - QROK navigator app.
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Sergey Shelkovnikov
Sergey Shelkovnikov Founder, Shels, GISFile Biography Sergey is an entrepreneur and software developer. He has more than 20 years of experience in development. Sergey is a founder of Shels company, and author of mapping service GISFile and other solutions in the field of geodesy, cartography and business solutions.
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