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Platonentko Nikita1
Nikita Platonenko
Nikita Platonenko СЕО, FamilyInSafe Biography Nikita is CEO and co-founder at (location-based service for family communication). He has huge experience in geo-data processing, algorithmization and machine learning.
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Ilya Zverev
Ilya Zverev OpenStreetMap Expert, MAPS.ME Biography Ilya is an active member of OpenStreetMap project since 2010 and tried almost everything: drawing maps, proposing tagging schemas, organizing mapping parties and conferences, writing editors, plugins, monitoring services, and data processing tools. Since 2015 he works at MAPS.ME, the most popular OSM-based navigation app, helping it to make...
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Viktar Shcherb
Viktar Shcherb
Viktar Shcherb Founder and CEO, OsmAnd Biography Victor founded and developed one of the most popular open-source mobile navigation application. He started the project in 2010 and gradually built a community around it. Nowadays he manages fulltime working developers and volunteers contributing to OsmAnd around the world. Victor actively participates discussions in the OSM community....
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carlos mattalin
Carlos Matallín
Carlos Matallin Front-end developer, CartoDB Biography Carlos is a Front-end developer at CartoDB, where he's the Tech lead of website in the Product team. Carlos also contributes to CartoDB development.
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Andriy Shnyr
Andriy Shnyr R&D Director, HERE Biography Andriy leads a team tasked to deliver real-time computable maps. In 2002 he joined gate5, a start-up company acquired by Nokia in 2007. Since then, he and his team actively contribute to several key HERE hybrid location platform component including rendering, routing and map compilation.
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Alex Gonopolskiy
Alex Gonopolskiy Senior Software Engineer, HERE Biography Alex Gonopolskiy is a Senior Software Engineer Directions Services Innovation Office at HERE. He joined HERE about two years ago as a developer/researcher for the Platform Innovation Services Team. Prior to that he has worked in algorithmic trading for several years. He graduated from the University of Michigan...
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Andrey Golovin
Andrey Golovin OpenStreetMap expert, Mapbox Biography Andrey is an OpenStreetMap expert at Mapbox. He works on data team to continuously improve maps based on customer feedback and algorithmic error detection. Andrey is a seasoned OpenStreetMap expert with many years of experience and he is actively involved in the mapping community in his hometown in Ukraine...
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Vladimir Agafonkin
Volodymyr Agafonkin JavaScript developer, Mapbox Biography Vladimir is an engineer at Mapbox and one of the leaders in online maps industry. He created Leaflet, the most popular open source library for interactive maps, and numerous other open source libraries with a focus on high-performance spatial algorithms. Besides, he is a rock musician (leading the band...
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Kirill Dmitrenko (002)
Kirill Dmitrenko
Kirill Dmitrenko Front-end developer, Yandex Biography Kirill has been working at Yandex.Maps for 5 years. For the last 2 years he works with graphics in the API of maps.
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